Technological Innovations Transforming Indian Agriculture

The three unique factors of Indian agriculture which influence yield and productivity are:

  1.  Marginal land holdings

    Most of the Indian farmers have comparatively small land holdings. This factor makes it difficult for each individual farmer to take decision in his farming practices. To get maximum output from his available land each farmer uses more and more of inputs which increases the production of that particular year but reduces the fertility of the land in the long run.

  2. Dependence on monsoon

    Indian agriculture is highly dependent on the If monsoon fails the crop fails. The weather forecasts which reach the farmers just the day before may not be useful for them to take informed decisions in their farming activities.

  3. Lack of extension

    The information regarding package of practices of the crop grown which includes information about when and at which stage of the crop, what input is required; if a pest attack is there at any stage of crop how to handle it, etc. are available to people but it doesnt reach the farmers efficiently. Its becoming too late to rescue the crop till the farmer request for these information and get them. Along with this a farmers lack of interest in following new farming techniques are using a new variety also influences their yield. Farming itself is a highly risky business. So a farmer is not interested in taking more risk by following any new techniques which comes directly out of the research laboratory, which may even help them to increase their yield.

New technological innovations are coming up nowadays to help farmers overcome these issues. For example there are farm management software or apps available to monitor the farm and other activities associated . These apps will Geo-tag every individual farmers field and give them customized information required for them like package of practices for their crop in their local language itself. They also give weather forecast and yield prediction to the farmers which will help farmers to take informed decisions and to reduce their risk associated with farming.

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