The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Artificial Grass for Perth Lawns

Artificial grass

Getting artificial grass in Perth is a wise move because of the hot, dry climate. Your grass will look green all year round and will not become a dry, patchy mess like other WA lawns. A lush green lawn is a great place to enjoy the weather while relaxing in the garden during summertime. If the lawn is well-maintained, it looks amazing and is a great asset in any backyard, however, if you consider the maintenance of such a lawn a headache, you can always go for artificial grass instead of natural grass in your lawn. Here are some important factors to consider before making this vital decision.

Appearance and Picking Your Length

Our grass will make you look twice before realising it’s not real turf. We do have a few different lengths and the look will vary depending on the length and the colouring of the synthetic turf. For household landscaping we recommend getting a longer length, of say 35mm, this will give you a more volume and a more natural feel, we also have a few shorter lengths if aesthetics is not at the top of your list. For Example: If you have pets, but you don’t entertain in the yard very often, then we would encourage you to get a shorter length of grass, it won’t look as nice as the longer grass but it will be easier to maintain with your pets.


Low maintenance is one of the biggest advantages when it comes to choosing artificial grass. It is not affected by insects, regular mowing, weed control, or fertilizing and doesn’t have worn or dead spots. It is also ideal for drought-prone areas since no watering is required. Synthetic grass is also great if you have kids and pets running around the house regularly. You will need to only brush it twice a year and refill it so that the blades remain upright.


The feel between the toes can be quite different, though the latest varieties of synthetic turf are soft and similar to real grass. Again, selecting a different length to suit your purpose will determine just how “real” your grass will feel.


All pricing is calculated based on area. Use the form above to request a quick quote. Call us and we will bring out a free sample. The installation also varies and will require you to get an in-home quotation.

Environmental Impact

Real grass will reduce the effects of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide while allowing rainwater to seep into the soil. It will assist in enriching the ground’s water reserves. But such lawns would require regular watering and fertilizing. Artificial lawns don’t require watering and fertilizing for that matter. The newer varieties of synthetic grass will allow for rainwater percolation too. The only environmental implication is that they are made out of plastic.

Water Conservation

Areas like Sydney and Melbourne where artificial lawn is still very popular, have an abundance of rainwater. However, Perth is quite dry and the residents are usually required by law to use less water. This is probably the main reason that WA residents have embraced artificial turf at a faster rate than any major city in Australia.

Long Term Investment

You need to base your final choice on the above factors. If you plan to enhance the resale value of your home, choose the natural version. By any chance, if you are settling down in the house, artificial grass is the best option since you can simply have the lawn put in and forget about it. Even though personal preferences may influence your choice between natural or artificial grass, it is always better to choose the artificial version if you have insect or grass allergy sufferers in your family.

Commercial Synthetic Grass and Sports Centres

When a business like a childcare centre or sports facility decides to get synthetic turf they should always engage a professional rubber surfaces consultant to weigh up the options available. They will need to take into consideration:

  • What kinds of activities the area will endure
  • The size of the area
  • What amount of weight will be shifted on the surface
  • How often will the surface be maintained

By engaging a professional rubber surface installer, they will be able to recommend a suitable solution for your commercial premises.

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